Choosing the Right Box Storage Company – Spacebox vs. Competitors

In Hong Kong, there are 2 main types of storage services in the market – (1) Traditional self-storage and (2) Box storage.

Traditional self-storage has been around for many years. Basically you rent a storage unit and have to arrange for your own transport to put things in or take things out.

Box storage is relatively new. With Spacebox, you can choosing between storing by box/items or by sq ft, and we provide door-to-door pick up and delivery service. So, how does Spacebox compare with other similar companies?

Storage Fee

  Spacebox Bxxful SF-Exprexx Yes-Stxxage 100-Stxxage
Standard Box
Price From HK$42/mo HK$49/mo HK$49/mo HK$398/mo HK$48/mo
Document Box
Price From HK$24/mo HK$29/mo HK$35/mo Not Available HK$28/mo
Oversized Item
Price From HK$64/mo HK$69/mo HK$75/mo Not Available HK$68/mo
Wardrobe Box
Price From HK$84/mo HK$89/mo HK$95/mo Not Available HK$98/mo

Pick up / Delivery Fee

  Fee Remarks
Spacebox 1 Free round-trip every 2 months Empty box drop-off is always free.

Clients on “6 Moths+” plan can enjoy 1 free check-in/out round-trip every 2 months.

Clients on “3-5 Months” plan: HK$15/item (min. HK$150) for check-in or out.

Bxxful HK$29 + HK$15/item  
SF-Exprexx For each trip – first item HK$59 and HK$20 for each additional item  
Yes-Stxxage 8 round-trips in a year  
100-Stxxage HK$88 per round-trip Each trip includes max. 5 standard boxes. Fee for each additional box is HK$18.

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